Okoboji Fun, Pictures, and Family History

In 1930 Grandaddy Kinney (Alva Raymond Kinney) bought two cottages on Pocahontas Point on West Okoboji Lake (Dickenson County) in Iowa. Five generations (soon to be 6) of family have come to Lake Okoboji to enjoy the cottage, lake, family, and many traditions.

The purpose of this website is to (a) record the family history and pictures from our years at Lake Okoboji and (b) maintain notes and tips on driving the boat* and riding on surfboards, ski, wake-boards, et al. Many (most?) of the pictures and history come from the photo albums Ruth Olsen has created over the years.


A.R. & Grace Kinney Family (1940) ~ Ross Surfing (2016) ~ Walt & Ruth Olsen Family (1997)



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