Boating & Riding

Information about running the boat and riding (on skis, wakeboards, surfboards, and whatever boards come out next year)

The tigé

Overall Note The primary (#1, first-and-foremost) purpose of this boat is to put at the perfect wave and let people ride behind it. It can be used for other things such as boat rides, but is not designed with some of the features that a cruiser would have. It does have a cooler and ample …

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According to Cole: tabs at 3 or 4. speed 10.6 to 11.2 Wake surfing notes written by Liz. Ballast It is very hard to pre-define the perfect amount of ballast. Start with a good estimate and then fine-tune from there. What worked one day, may not work the next (due to factors such as number of …

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According to Cole: no ballast needed tabs at 2-3 Speed 19-21 65′ rope CLICK HERE for wake surfing notes  written by Ed.

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Boat Lift

This page is about using the boat lift. Notes on the Boat Lift For an inboard boat (which is what the tigé is) the Boat Lift works differently. With the ARK, which had a lower unit in the back, there was a rear stop.  You would drive in until the lower unit hit the rear stop then …

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Noodle Mon Raft – ChillRaft

This page is about the 6’x20′ foam raft Tethering: It is recommended that a rope be attached to the bungie tether to lengthen it (when tying to a boat or to a dock or to an anchor). See rope below. Description: We did buy a 6′ by 20′ foam mat (from Mau Marine Ship Store-8/2016). …

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